Women FAB 100K Challenge - Results

Women FAB 100K Challenge Results, Women 10K Run Gurgaon, Sunday 04 March 2018, Coach Ravinder Gurugram

Women Fab 100K Challenge - Run 100K in February!
Inviting all the women who are at beginner and advanced beginner's level in running.
This is unique program leading to race day of #Women10KRun on 4th March
No, the idea is not to disturb runners who are running longer distances and come in intermediate or advanced level categories.
Between 2nd Feb & March 1, you will have to run exactly 100Km to score a perfect 100 and get rewarded.
You can run max 5Km on any given day and have to run min 2km, in this period.
We are starting with very basic preparations and will make the program better and process smooth as we progress in coming days.
List or log your daily data at this link-
All you need a google account (email id from gmail). Click on the above link and fill your daily kms

Check the Rules of Women Fab 100K Challenge

  • The program is for beginners who are into walk/run mode or just comfortable, running short distances.
  • You need a Google (Gmail) account to participate. List or log your daily data at this link- https://goo.gl/pmkPWd
  • The program is from 2nd Feb to 1st March, total 28 days. Run exactly 100km in 28 days. Run less or more and you are not rewarded. So score a perfect 100
  • It’s mandatory to run/walk every day. Don’t do more than 5Km & less than 2Km. So, plan in a way that you achieve 100Km, without getting disqualified.
  • You can also take a print out after downloading the sheet and fill it. Share it on weekly basis at ravinder.singh09@gmail.com